Sunday, March 23, 2014

...there is a coming DOOMS DAY...! And this one is not because of a "armaggedon" of some sort or nature...!

The "mentality" and the mere reason accepted of the way of today's MODERN WORLD, is the type of humans classified as: "5.3 Unequal Society (with Elites and Commoners): xE ≥ 0 and κ > 1"...!
AND ACCORDING TO the "HANDY" Model, it is going to be very hard to put "HUMPTY DUMPTY WORLD" together again...!
THE DOOM SCENARIOS OF THE "UNEQUAL SOCIETY" the model of this Modern World...!

In our examples of an unequal society, the Elites (per capita) consume κ ~ 10 to 100 times more than the Commoners. Their population, plotted in red, is multiplied by κ to represent their equivalent impact because of their higher consumption. That is why we use the label "Equivalent Elites" on the graphs in this section, 5.3.

In the first two cases, we discuss two distinct, but generic types of collapse in an unequal society. In these two scenarios, κ = 100. Then we will show possibility of reaching an equilibrium by reducing κ to 10 and adjusting the birth rates βE and βC independently. These two κ = 10 scenarios show that in order to reach a sustainable equilibrium in an unequal society, it is necessary to have policies that limit inequality and ensure birth rates remain below critical levels.

Figure(s) 6: Experiment results for the Unequal society.

___________________________________________ folks, Scientists and Ecology Geeks, are not just some kind of freaks lovers of "flowers and animals"...! Nooo...!

...Sometimes MATHS theoretical modelling fail...!

I AM NEARLY MORE THAN 99.9% SURE that the HANDY model is quite "tuned" with reality...!

Humans of this type of "mentality" : "...5.3 Unequal Society (with Elites and Commoners): xE ≥ 0 and κ > 1"...! Are not the type that believe it worth to do much for anything other than themselves, and their minds do not see much beyond the "rich bubbles" they live in...!
And if they believe "reality"...! Their indulgence in luxury, narcissism of power, and riches, soothes their minds to inaction...!

And Governments suffer from their same mentality...!

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