Sunday, April 13, 2014

...commemoration Ex-Finance Minister Canada - Jim Flaherty - 2014 !

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 Jim Flaherty. The magic of human life, health, governance, politics, and all other areas of activities, are said to be progressing to better things! And there are those that believe there is not much more that can be or should be bettered…! I do not believe in peasants or poordom! And Finance Ministers sure do not do much about it! To cut budgets and not give work from Government is as bad as a parent not providing for their children! Budgets are only made but not needed! Limitations of money supply is a mere inferior logic mentality! We all live for ourselves and loved ones. And public servants most surely try and live for others and Canada. The rich have greater self interests that do not benefit most of us. No matter what work you accomplished. No doubt a public servant deserves a State Funeral! I do hope that a country does not get a State funeral! Politics is generally a non grateful job to have, because of bureaucratic negative influences! Condolences to the [your] family and friends!

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 G.F. Thomson, B.C.

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