Monday, August 25, 2014

g+ for mon25aug2014: USA is making money from National Parks! - DTV Mundo transmitting live/youtube from MIAMI (closed from Venezuela with RCTV) by communists Chavismo! - why pray to god with so many dying of political/bureaucrat hunger?

George Frederick Thomson

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For every 1$ the government charges to anything under 50.000$/yr, they make(print) moderately 1,000$...!

So why charge excessive taxes for? TO KEEP UP THE DEGRADATION OF THE LOWER MIDDLE CLASSES! But they do not this money of course! They are the bank of the common known game of MONOPOLY!  YOU HAVE AS MUCH MONEY AS YOU PRINT!

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FACT: For every $1 we invest in our national parks, our economy sees $10 in return. Get out to a national park today (admission is free) to celebrate the 98th birthday of the National Park Service →
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George Frederick Thomson

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Muy buenos commentarios! Pero un libro del programa y hasta vol1, vol2, etc...! Sería un proyecto de realidad histórica de Venezuela que ya no es ni la Rep. Bol. de Venezuela! Mas bien, pónganle otro nombre! Y voten por el cambio de ese maldito himno Gloria al Bravo Estúpido pueblo!


George Frederick Thomson

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Keep on praying to yourself, because nobody nor your god needs to hear you! What for?

Your god will not save you nor this World!


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