Friday, October 3, 2014

My Art: "life and death - a bridge to nowhere...! - a bridge too far...!" - the Bible tries to explain it all, but fails...! So does Science evolution fail...!

My Art: "life and death - a bridge to nowhere...! - a bridge too far...!"

...the bridge goes from one side to the other with no impediments or doors or gates visible! 

...we come to life through the doors of conception and birth, from origins we do not clearly know!

...the sure final destiny is death, with the only impediment of life!

...the Bible depicts some scenarious of escaping death and being "transported directly" to heaven or a heavenly place...! 

THE BIBLE TRIES TO GIVE A REASON FOR LIFE AS A PLACE OF EXPERIENCE TO APPRECIATE AND LOVE THEIR GOD BETTER, after having gone through life's good and bad experiences, sufferings, and death! Babies have the luck on death, to avoid all this, and go strait to HEAVEN! Missing the point of all the BIBLE...! WHAT NOBODY KNOWS IS IF THEY WILL BE CONVERTED IN HEAVEN TO A MIDDLE AGE ADULT BODY WITH THE CAPACITY TO TALK AND BE!

But be assured that there are no real problems with the BIBLE, as this one and only GOD-SON-HOLY SPIRIT, has all power and reason for everything, and you are happier trusting all BY FAITH...!

TRAaaa, laaaaaaa, laaaahhhh...!

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