Friday, December 26, 2014

My Art done on Letter size paper during_a-turing-test-involuntary_detention: 1 to 97...! #11 - #21

My Art done on Letter size paper during_"a-turing-test-involuntary_detention"...! 7days in group isolation from outside + 5 days in open ward with external access for smoke! **** Hotel bed and 3 meals + extra mid meal food! - but under psychotropic medication low torture! [ technically extra court extra family counseling and illegal ] : 1 to 97...! 

#11 to #21

When Civil Authority system is not existent, the English Canada system of "black and white logic" prevails, which is as ancient and against the Roman Law and mentioned in the Bible!  The legal system is generally too costly to pay Lawyers! The old 500-1000 yrs rAMPAGE of Sheriff's charge all goods and personal, to pay Lawyers, themselves, etc...! CREEPY...!

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