Monday, December 1, 2014

My Maiquetia art 4: " a country lost in time and cubanism politics"...!

My Maiquetia art 3: "a country lost in time and cubanism politics"...!

You could have a 5 star "honey moon" way better in "Varadero"...! Though I would not go there even in my wildest dreams!

...All that way essentially since the exile of "their alleged HERO: Simon Bolivar in Colombia", where he died abandoned by his Venezuelan's and Country...!

...Venezuela: a country that destroys even it's HERO's...! And do not really have a hero they claim him to be! Simon Bolivar...! You see, now somehow it happens to be Chavez...! This is how de-valued their minds are!

...I KNOW OF NO super-hero of CANADA, Australia, New Zealand nor of ENGLAND...!

...USA has plenty of Super-Heroes...! George Washington was their first President and Hero!

...Mexico has a mythical hero "EL ZORRO"...! A part from that, there are very few others...!

...JESUS IS REALLY NO HERO of anybody! JESUS has never been with ANYBODY, and so HAS ABANDONED YOU FOR EVER...!  SO I DO NOT KNOW WHY EVEN THE AMERICANS still have him in anything of Government!

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