Thursday, January 8, 2015

Panda's Thumb : To the Politics of Evolution...!

To the Politics of Evolution! 

USA Universities cannot accept an origin of life, other than the Obvious: "We come from Mother Nature", from the irrational cold state of Atoms, to the rational warm state of Multicelular beings and Bodies perfected...!!!


EVOLUTION is the worst LOGIC! It does not give anybody false hopes of an after life, nor a real reason for life!!! YOU CANNOT MAKE IT A WORSE SCIENCE OR IDEA!

Mind you I am no Religious person, BUT rather some kind of Philosopher and Agnostic!

But Governments and other English countries, still have Bible Theology in their Universities! TO GIVE people a reason for life!

Of course if the Bible were right, we would be "good or bad slaves" of a DESPOT DICTATOR God of the Bible...!


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